Injection Molding Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Our Polypropylene is of high quality and clean, thanks to our cutting-edge recycling technology and quality filters in each of our processes.

Also, we have our own laboratory dedicated to perform quality tests on our products.


Product information (Polypropylene Plastic PP)

Properties: Rigid material that resists impact, tension and tears, doesn’t break and stretches well, it’s non-toxic and water-proof.

Mechanical properties:

Fluidity: 5 to 20 g/10min

Impact: 4 to 20  Kj/m2

Tension: 20 to 45 Mpa maximum effort

Flexibility:  1000 to 1600 Mpa Elastic 0.05%-0.25%

Uses: It can be used in the consumer sector to manufacture home products like pots, cooler boxes, toys, toolboxes, plastic cups, spoons, tables, stools and agriculture boxes.

Product versions depending on the process:

  • Washed
  • Pelletized

Types of polypropylene:

  • Homopolymer
  • Copolymer
  • Charged and neutral
  • Colors: red, white, green, blue, black

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