We are a Plastic Recycling Company dedicated to the processing of plastic materials for sale. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 2010, we have clients in Mexico and around the world.

We grind, wash and pelletize Injection Molding High Densitiy Polyethylene (HDEP) and Injection Molding Polyethylene (PP), and reuse them to manufacture plastic products such as buckets, agriculture boxes, plastic crates, food containers, toys, pallets and much more.

At PLASTICRUZ, we are committed to protecting the environment, we are a 100% sustainable company and with our daily work we contribute to the reduction of environmental impact. Every month we pick-up hundreds of tons of plastic waste from the streets and companies in your city, we process and transform them in useful products and raw materials, which can be used by companies that manufacture injection molding plastic products.

We are a 100% Mexican Company committed to great customer service and the environment.