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Recycling Solutions

Our Products

As a plastic recycling company, at Plasticruz we are committed to the environment and the quality of our products, therefore, our recycled plastic products are an excellent choice for your company.

We have a variety of recycled plastic products such as:

  • Injection Molding Polypropylene Plastic (PP)
  • Injection Molding High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDEP)

…among others.


Injection Molding Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Injection molding Polypropilene
Homopolymer and copolymer
Neutral and charged
Available in specific colors


Injection Molding High Density Polyethylene Plastic HDPE

Injection molding high density Polyethylene
Available in specific colors

Commonly used things

What are the uses of recycled plastic?

PP & HDPE Plastic are some of the most useful material for recycling.

A lot of products we use on our day-to-day lives can be made out of them. These are a few:

Polypropylene uses: 

  • Boxes 
  • Home products
  • Pots
  • Cool box
  • Toys
  • Toolboxes
  • Plastic cups
  • Spoons
  • Tables, chairs, stools, etc.

Polyethylene uses: 

  • 5 gallon buckets
  • Boxes
  • Platforms
  • Boxes for farming
  • Product packagings
  • Toys

Quality, Volume and Commitment

Our Commitment

We are a Plastic Recycling Company in Guadalajara, Mexico and our philosophy is to always offer our customers products of the highest quality and provide an excellent costumer service. These two factors combined make us your best choice to buy Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDEP) Recycled Plastics.

Payment In Cash, Honest Weighing and Good Service guaranteed

Do you sell plastic to recycle?

Sell your plastics to Plasticruz, we guarantee payment in cash, honest weighing and outstanding customer service. We will be your best commercial partner.


  • Ground plastic
  • Lumps & chunks
  • Injection Molding Polyethylene (HDPE): in different colors
  • Injection Molding Polypropylene (PP): in black and in different colors.

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